Automate 80% of your intralogistics flows.

The Driven by Balyo robotic truck range is based on standard material handling trucks, manufactured by the market leaders in material handling, who sell and maintain their products worldwide.

Our easy-to-use and totally flexible

robots can be operated in manual or automatic mode, to perform all kinds of tasks. Our range of robots covers a wide range of logistics applications, offering new development prospects to our clients. Our scalable solutions adapt to your business and future needs. The most popular applications for our robots include:

  • Low-height stacking (ground and level 1)
  • Low and medium-height stacking (levels 2 and 3)
  • Full-height stacking (level 4)
  • Full-height stacking in very narrow aisles (level 5+)
  • Production line supply and removal
  • Long-distance transfers
  • Platform loading and unloading
  • Pick-up and placement on machines (Conveyors, wrapping machines, palletizers, etc.)
  • Stock line scanning
  • Barcode scanning
  • Open or closed (EURO or CHEP) pallet transportation
  • Simultaneous transportation of two pallets