Hyster Robots, Driven by Balyo.

Hyster Driven by Balyo robots are developed in conjunction with one of the U.S. leaders in material handling, Hyster Group. Like all manual material handling trucks, they are available through the Hyster sales network, from your usual dealer.

Designed to meet the needs of our clients, our range of robots can perform all types of tasks in total autonomy, from the simplest to the most complex: load transfer to floor, pick-up and placement of pallets on machines (conveyors, wrapping machines, etc.), medium and full-height storage, logistics train, barcode scanning, storage in very narrow aisles, etc.

Dedicated Solutions

Intralogistics, encompassing all the internal logistics flows for a factory, warehouse or distribution center, has quickly become a major issue for manufacturers and logistics providers. The optimization of internal building flows can be a source of considerable gains in productivity.

In the industry, where automation has historically been highly developed, material handling is often the last link in the chain to be operated manually. With Driven by Balyo robotic trucks, offering a return on investment around 13 months*, manufacturers now have a robust, secure and highly financially beneficial solution.

The great flexibility of our autonomous vehicles also meets the specific requirements of logistics professionals:

Very high rates
Activity peaks
Regular changes in flow

Seamless Integration

Driven by Balyo autonomous vehicles are based on standard material handling trucks. As with manual trucks, Hyster and Balyo offer a complete range of services adapted to every need, including:

Full service maintenance
Hotline 24/7
On-site visit within 24 hours (level 1 maintenance)
Support Software
Spare parts within 24 hours
Options for financing, leasing, etc.

* 13 months on a rolling basis, 3 teams, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week